Shimla Municipal Abbatoir

Shimla MC slaughterhouse : Cruel treatment and transportation of animals (Video)

SHIMLA- The video clip was recorded today morning (April 26) outside the gate of Shimla MC Abattoir in Krishna Nagar, Lalpani. The workers were captured treating animals (goats and sheep) with cruelty.

They were being thrown out of truck from a height. Some of them fell down and hit the cemented ground very hard. The workers were seen suspending animals from one leg. There is a high probability that some of them might have got broken legs.

The animals will be dead anyway, but still, it was a gloomy sight to see how we make these innocent animals suffer right before they are slaughtered to be served on dinner table. These animals are given cruel and painful death. They don’t deserve it and such cruelty isn’t tolerable at all.

To those who enjoy mutton in their supper, take a moment to realize that you also play a part in this sinful act.

Date – May 26 2015
Place – Municipal Abattoir Shimla
Time: 9: 49 AM

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