Triund trek survivor recalls his horrific tale in a letter to Kangra Police

From a letter written to SSP Kangra by a trekker, Aditya Singh, who was rescued by police team from Triund Trek:

It is with great honor and respect for the Himachal Administration and Police that I write this letter, Himachal Police has proved this in letter and spirit as it conducted a massive search and rescue operation in the Triund Hill forest area at Macloedganj and saved my life.

It was the afternoon of 20th June 2015 when during trekking near Triund Hill, Mcloedganj, Himachal Pradesh, while returning from Snowline, I lost my way, slipped and fell off a rock resulting in fractures on my hip and rib. I was in unbearable pain and could not move much lest stand. Bad Weather conditions and constant rains made the matter worse for me. Fortunately, my phone was still working and I somehow managed to get in touch with local Authorities and the Army through my family and friends and send my approximate GPS location using Google Maps and a couple of photos through my phone.

Yet, it was a herculean and near impossible task to spot me as the entire area is surrounded by dense forest, extremely steep high mountains and very dense vegetation, Needless to say, there is a real threat from wild animals in the forest. There was a heavy downpour and I hid behind a bush as I sighted a bear moving around sending shivers down my spine. The location I sent could only be as precise as the mobile phone could detect and my phone battery also died eventually.


After spending two nights in the forest, on the morning of 22nd June, I began to lose all hope of survival as my food and water supplies had been completely exhausted. It had stopped raining and the clouds had cleared. My mouth was terribly dry with thirst and it was becoming impossible to survive without water. I tried to crawl towards a valley in search of water. More than 24 hours in extreme pain, with a fractured rib and hip and around 17 hours without food and water, I was beginning to count my last moments when I saw a rescuer wearing a red t-shirt who spotted me around 11 a.m. (22 June) at some distance. Never in my life was I so elated to see another person and I took a deep sigh of relief. There were five other rescuers from the police team with him who reached the spot where I lay. It was a life-saving miracle for me as I had lost hope of seeing any human being again.

It is a great example of sheer selfless continuous, brave, humanitarian work for which I owe my life to the rescuers.

I later came to know that the police had been continuously searching for me since 21st June 2015 and had left no stone unturned, it was an unforgettable experience and I learnt positive lessons from this unfortunate incident of my life. No words of thanks can ever be enough for the Himachal Pradesh Administration and Police for having conducted this near impossible search operation. I will remain indebted to them for the rest of my life.

I sincerely request the Authorities to award and reward the brave rescuers for conducting such a great search operation and saving my life without any selfish motive.

My entire family and I convey our since thanks and deep respect for saving my life extremely difficult circumstances.

Himachal Watcher appreciates the commitment with which Kangra Police executed its duties. Such examples help people restore a little faith in police, and cops feels more like our friends, concerned about our safety.

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