Ironic story of a Solan group that tried to clean the city

Some aware and motivated citizens in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh took up the task to begin cleaning Solan city. There initiative begun from Shamti area near Meridian. They cleaned the spot and came one week later to give it a final touch. What they saw was the real factor that is turning Himachal into an ugly heap of garbage. They realized why every initiative to create awareness by volunteering for cleaning campaigns has met failure, and is likely to face the same fate. Here is the story that we received from the group:

On the early morning of 28th June an effort to clean up the city was made by an enthusiastic group.
The task was completed in about 2 hours and due to shortage of time the members decided to give some final touch to the place on the coming Sunday.

When the members came back to the same place on the 4th of July or the subsequent Sunday , they were completely disappointed as once again the people of the locality had littered the waste and didn’t bothered to keep the area clean . The place was back to what it was earlier – a dumping site that too in a week’s time.

The group was demoralized and decided to talk to some people living in the same locality. After talking to some of them, a conclusion was drawn that everyone was playing a blame game and none of them even took an initiative to deal with the problem.

Without wasting much time, the group took a decision to move on spot fixing another area of which the photos will be posted very soon.

It is just a humble request to the people and the concerned authorities, that although, one can put an obligation on the other to clean their locality , but at least, one should not spoil the work of those who are determined to make the surroundings more clean and hygienic. If you cannot encourage them, at least, don’t discourage them.

A dull looking wall was beautified by a group of people near the Chambaghat Road railway crossing.


SPOT FIX | Date : 12/7/15

Let’s get motivated and beautify every single wall of the city in the same manner. After all its our CITY, it’s our RESPONSIBILITY!

Take action, start with your own locality and report it to us. Your actions might motivate many others

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