Dear Himachal, why beat doctors, ransack hospitals for the incapability of our corrupt Govt.?

Recently, a female doctor was beaten by local people in Kullu following the death of a 17-years-old boy after being hit by a bus. He suffered brain hemorrhage, and was rushed to the Community Health Centre at Sainj village in Kullu district where he succumbed to his injuries.

The locals alleged that there was only on doctor, who didn’t attend the patient on time, the hospital is short of staff, and lacks even basic amenities.

A local alleged,

The boy could have lived if the hospital had trained doctors and other facilities. We are facing problems for many years. In a recent visit to Sainj, our health minister had assured us of appointing doctors but he did not fulfill his promise. We never get doctor in hospital in case of emergency.

The locals also sabotaged the hospital, smashed window glasses, furniture etc. As per report from police, the villagers tried to set the hospital on fire but prevented through police intervention.

Now, manhandling of a on duty doctor has raised questions on the safety of the health staff as well as the rising distress among people who are suffering because they do not receive proper treatment.


The angry doctors in Kullu district immediately declared a two hour strike after this incident( From 9:30 am to 11:30 am) seeking arrest of culprits . There is no doctor to attend patient in OPDs for two hours except emergency services. Patients are suffering, and many return to home without treatment. There was no doctor in medical, surgical, child, and ortho wards. The doctors returns to duty after the token strike and perform check-up with black badges.

Due to pressure from health staff in Kullu, police has detained three people, Gummat Ram (35) Bihari Lal (34) and Kamal Ram (28) for the assault.

It implies that both doctors and pubic in Himachal are victims. The patients are devoid of proper treatment and basic facilities required in hospitals and health centres. The anger of doctors and locals is justified. It’s highly condemnable action to manhandle a doctor for the impotency of the state and centre government to ensure democratized and efficient public health infrastructure. Almost every major government hospital including the IGMC Shimla are lacking sufficient staff and medical facilities. The smaller health centres are in even worse condition.

The government is watching all the drama from a distance like a mute spectator. What kind of democratic state is it in which common people do not have access to basic needs like health services, education and employment? The politicians and officers are happy with the luxuries they enjoy with public tax money. The government has enough to buy luxury car fleets, gift SUVs to MLAs, and organize useless conferences and foreign exposure visits.

The state is running on ‘Jugaad’ since its formation. The government is interested in encouraging ignorance, not empowerment of common people. That helps keep people silent when they should actually seek answers from the government.

Dear government and all corrupt politicians, playing with the health and life of public to accommodate your never ending desire for accumulation of wealth and power is one of the biggest sins. Your souls will not rest in peace with such a huge burden of sins. So have pity on your life after death.

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