HP Police neglecting vehicles with partially visible/without number plates

SHIMLA – Despite clear guidelines given under Rule 50 & 51 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989 regarding the clear and legible display of registration marks on motor vehicles, private vehicles, HRTC buses, and those serving at government departments are flaunting the law in front of Himachal Pradesh Police in the state including the capital city Shimla.

Often, vehicles can be spotted with partially visible number plates as well as without front or rear plates plying on roads. In some of them, either front or rear number plates are missing, while in many others, modifications or improper placement have shrouded the registration number.


In case of a hit-and-run case or many such similar situations, such loopholes can prove to be critical mistakes. While it’s easier to identify buses plying on local routes, in case of private cars and two-wheelers the issue takes a highly sensitive form, especially during the high alert in Himachal Pradesh after last month’s Gurdaspur terrorist attack. The border areas with J&K were sealed. The terror threats still continue to haunt Himachal, J&K, and Punjab.


Yesterday, a school teacher reported to have spotted three to four suspicious persons, dressed in army uniform inside, moving in a Maruti Alto car. Following it, high alert was sounded again and a massive search operation is in progress in Mukerian district’s Purika village.


Sporadic use of banned satellite phone at multiple places in Punjab was recorded, hinting at possibility of terrorist movement in the area.


While, the issue may sound unimportant to most of people as Himachal has never witnessed a terror threat, it’s not wise on the part of Shimla traffic police to ignore the matter.


For the knowledge of all our readers, we are posting the guidelines provided under Rule 50 & 51 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989.

Where registration numbers should be displayed on motor vehicles?

The registration mark shall be displayed both at the front and rear of all motor vehicles clearly and legibly.

In the case of motorcycles registration numbers in the front shall be displayed parallel to handle bar on any part of the vehicle such as mudguard or on a plate in a line.

The registration mark on light motor vehicles may be in the center with illumination.

Registration number exhibited at the rear of the transport vehicles shall be on the right hand side at a height not exceeding one meter from ground level as may be reasonably possible.

The registration number also be painted on both left and right side on the body of the vehicle in case of transport vehicles.

In case of stage carriages and contract carriages registration mark also be painted on partition provided between driver and passengers or on the front left side interior near the roof facing the passengers seats and in the case of motor cab or taxi cab shall be painted on dash board.


For two and three wheelers – 200 x 100 mm

For light motor vehicles / passenger car – 340x 200 mm or 500 x 120 mm

For medium / heavy commercial vehicles – 340 x 200 mm

How should registration mark be displayed on motor vehicles?

The letters of the registration mark shall be in English and figures in Aerobic Numerals.

In the case of transport vehicles such as Lorries, Buses, Autos, Maxi cabs. Taxi cabs registration mark shall be in Black colour on yellow back ground.

In case of other vehicles such as private cars, scooters and motor cycles registration mark shall be in Black colour on White back ground.

The registration number shall be exhibited in two lines; the state code (AP) and registering authority code forming the first line and the remaining number in second line, below the first line.

The registration mark of all motor vehicles in the front and two wheelers having no sufficient provision at the rear may be exhibited in single line.

without-number-plate-trucks-solan without-number-plate-bikes-shimla without-number-plateitrucks-shimla-city-shimla-traffic-police


Disclaimer – The images were clicked during past few weeks. In some cases, the number plate might have been changed or placed.

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