IGMC Shimla too has dedicated and able doctors

SHIMLA- We, me and my wife, reached IGMC at 9 PM with our 4-month-old baby, who was restlessly crying for past 24 hours. We had visited a private clinic during day, but to no avail. The doctor couldn’t even diagnose the baby. His mother was in inexplicable state of unrest that had doubled my pain

Sitting inside ’emergency ward’ in wait of a doctor to come and attend to the baby, I was expecting a nightmare treatment. The very thought of finding myself at IGMC, Shimla, a government hospital, was scaring me. I was preparing myself to tolerate rude doctors, who hate their job, untrained medicos and nurses, who considered them above all, even the most senior doctors. But I didn’t have any option.


Meanwhile, a female doctor (Dr. Priyanka) came toward us and asked us what happened and started her check-up immediately. She murmured all possibilities with her colleague who accompanied her. As contrast to my beliefs based on pre-occupied thoughts, the doctor appeared to be as much worried and anxious as the baby’s mother. The doctor was not sure, but she was not ready to give up. She seemed determined to figure out the problem. That was such a relieving sight to see my baby in the hands of a caressing doctor. After her check-up, she referred to the shape of baby’s head and expressed strong possibility that it was the ‘calcium deficiency’. However, a proper medical tests were required to confirm it.

The tests were conducted and doctors waited for the report. Next day the reports were in our hands and doctors confirmed it was the ‘calcium deficiency’.  Dr. Priyanka’s diagnose was accurate.


We were referred to Dr. Karan in Unit II, who continued the treatment.  Dr. Karan was tall and my guess is that he was not more than 35-years-old. He talked to us with politeness in his voice. He was serious about his profession and was aware of the pain that parent’s go through while they come with ailing infants. Dr. Karan’s treatment was indiscriminate for each patient he attended. He was patient, calm, and ready to provide additional help to patients. It was like he had achieved a blend of professional skills and care.


We also came across another doctor (Dr. Vishal). As per my guess, he was below 35-years. He was equally polite, humble and dedicated to the job he had taken up. He acted with intense sense of responsibility. It was a rare sight, but I saw Dr. Vishal himself going with patients to guide them to correct units or rooms. Again, every patient was given equal treatment. The only trouble with Dr. Vishal appeared to be his constant state of intrinsic conflicts, but that did not interfere with his duty.

We had to spend a few more days at IGMC before the baby was discharged. With each day, our baby begins to recover. He was able to sleep and breastfeed. The cute baby-smile also returned on his face, and so did ours.

Viraaj Thakur

Viraaj Thakur

I was feeling rather curious if all the staff possessed same sense of compassion and responsibility before a senior nurse seemed to have proved me wrong. She acted like dean of the Himachal’s biggest medical college. She was there to rule, not to serve. Her treatment of people suggested that she hated her job. She didn’t like patients. Because her duty forced her to come on regular roundups and monitor patients, she did it with an overwhelmed sense of favor. She literally made patients feel that she was doing a favor to them.


During this time, Dr. Karan, Dr. Priyanka, and Dr. Vishal became familiar sights for us. We never saw them angry or irritated amid crying babies with their worried parents. Me and my wife were satisfied with their services and caressing treatment, not just toward us, but for all patients. We also realized how stressful a doctor’s work is. It takes a lot to become a real doctor. It’s not just another profession; it’s curing, healing, and being biggest hope of relief to people in times of pain and suffering of their material body.

I managed to click pictures of Dr. Karan and Dr. Vishal. Unfortunately, I don’t have Dr. Priyanka’s picture that I wanted to be published as a part of my appreciation for her. We are thankful to these doctors and many others who are dedicatedly performing their share of duty.

Sadly, the Himachal Pradesh Health Department has failed to provide sufficient medical facilities which make it a difficult task for doctors to deliver satisfactory health services to patients. The shortage of staff, space and medical equipment in government hospitals make even the best doctors helpless.

Update: HW contacted Dr. Priyanka and arranged a picture of her posted above

Credit : HW Reader


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