Shimla cab driver proves honest people aren’t extinct yet

Jagdeesh, a resident of Sunni in Shimla, is an honest cab driver. He can be found at the taxi stand at Shimla’s Old ISBT. I wanted to thank him for his honest favor and share the incident with others.

One day when my wife came back from market, she couldn’t find her smartphone which should have been in her purse. She tried to remember whether she just dropped it somewhere or has forgotten in any of the shops she visited. I tried to call on her number, but it said “out of coverage.” It was almost definite that someone has found it, and has removed the sim card.

Honesty is rare trait to find these days. It was a loss that we had to accept.

At evening the landline phone rang. An unknown voice told me, “Sir ek madam meri taxi main ye phone bhool gaye they”. Then, she remembered about the taxi she had hired. I asked the man where I shall collect it. He told me that he can be found at the taxi stand at Old ISBT.

I met him at the stand and collected my phone. He was standing right next to the Alto car (HP 01 A 1958) he drives.


I thanked him. But I was curious to know why the phone was out of coverage. Actually, the phone was out of charge, thus, switched off.

The cab driver had to find compatible charger first before he scrolled through contact list for numbers. He called on some numbers to inquire about the owner of the number and phone. After some calls, he found one of my relative’s numbers, who further provided the driver with my landline number.

The phone was expensive enough to temp anyone, but honesty people aren’t so rare after all.

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