HRTC Taxi driver drunk

Overdrunk bullies caught driving HRTC taxi, handed over to police by people

SHIMLA- After HRTC buses, which turn into bars at evening, HRTC taxis have also turned into moving bars for drivers and their friends who use them for joyrides after duty hours. On Monday, an over-drunk HRTC taxi driver caused  nuisance at new ISBT Shimla counter.

Reportedly, at evening an HRTC Taxi (HP-63-5247) arrived at ISBT counter (New ISBT – Panthaghat-Mehli). The driver hurled vulgar abuses at two women when they tried to inquire about timing of the taxi. According to the eyewitnesses and complainant, the driver was so drunk that he wasn’t able to speak or move properly and yet he was driving. He was accompanied by three others who were also drunk. When objected for driving an HRTC taxi in such intoxicated condition and misbehaving with ladies, he allegedly pushed the vehicle toward the women to bully them.

According to one of the girls, his companion, who was also drunk, called himself ‘Adda In-charge’ and tried to bully people saying,

Ye mera counter hai, Ye mera bus adda hai, meri marzi main kanhi bhi gadi lagaun (This is my counter, this is my bus stand, I will park the vehicle wherever I wish).


Drunk HRTC Driver in Shimla

People present at the stoppage were enraged witnessing the scene. One of the men almost dragged the driver out of the vehicle and called the police. The driver tried to flee the scene, but was too drunk to even do that. When policeman asked the driver to park to taxi, he couldn’t drive and ended blocking the road. He was taken out of taxi and another driver had to move it to roadside.

According to a witness,

He drove straight towards me and two girls standing besides me to scare us. He was making vulgar gestures towards the girls while his fellows repeatedly told him to drive away as it had begin to annoy people. When I reached the window of the vehicle the driver tried to put his hands on my collars. I smashed his hand against the window and went to the driver side and dragged him out of the vehicle. But despite being angry, I spared thrashing him for he could barely stand up on his feet. I simply called the police. It was a miserable scene.

One of the female eyewitnesses said,

On seeing police, the driver joined his hands, apologizing, but his condition was too poor to be forgiven. He was risking lives of pedestrians and other people driving on roads. But I am happy to see common people reacting to such goons. Shimla feels safer with such people around.

Policemen present on duty took the driver in custody and  took him for medical.  One of the girl present on scene clicked photographs of the vehicle and forwarded it to HW.


HRTC staff is often seen partying inside buses parked along roadsides at evening, after duty hours. However, this taxi driver was caught driving in a highly intoxicated condition, bullying, misbehaving, and risking lives of people.


Despite high number of accidents due to drunk drivers, poorly maintained buses, and carelessness of authorities, the transport minister failed to make even a single reform. The issue of high vehicular emission from HRTC and private buses have been raised repeatedly by Himachal Watcher and brought it to the attention of GS Bali with evidences. Accept assurance to HW’s complaint, nothing was done.  Now, the public is facing drunk HRTC staff.



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