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Amend Shimla Road Users and Pedestrians ACT: Suresh Bhardwaj



SHIMLA- Days after Himachal High Court cancelled the road permit of the sealed roads in the Shimla city, local legislator Suresh Bhardwaj wrote to chief minister Virbhadra Singh to amend the Shimla Road Users and Pedestrians (Public Safety and Convenience) ACT, 2007.

Bhardwaj demanded that in the ensuing winter session, act should be amended to provide much needed relief to the common people of Shimla town who are facing the brunt of impractical conditions. He said

I would request you to immediately affect the desired changes in the provisions of the Act in the ensuing Vidhan Sabha session at Dharamsala, to make it more pragmatic, people friendly,

Bhardwaj said the intention of the act was to promote the sanctity and also to cause the minimum inconvenience to the common public. “Under this exercise the roads of central town was classified into open routes, restricted routes and sealed routes. For the open routes there was no permit required,” he said.

Shimla legislature said that large number of residents live in the old township of Shimla i.e. Lower Bazaar, Ram Bazaar, Middle Bazaar, Mall Road, US Club, Lakkar Bazaar and majority of the houses don’t have access to the road, and thus no possibility of having a parking and this very provisions of the Act don’t entitle such people to have the facility of these route permits,” he added.

Bhardwaj further added that “amongst this population, there are old aged people, senior citizens and people suffering from various diseases like Cardiac problems, cancer etc. All these people need and deserve this facility but there are no provisions to lessen the problems and suffering of such people”.

“There is also no provision to cater for the needs of the tourists. We expect the tourists to enjoy the fatigue of the grueling walk to these destinations” BJP leader further added.

Misc News/Press Release

HIPA launches Online registration portal for trainees and to map digital literacy of officials handling online services



HIPA Online Registration Portal for trainees

Shimla: On the 12th Civil Services Day, Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) today launched an online registration portal for registration and nomination of trainees.

The NIC has developed this portal for the Department of Training as the technical agency for facilitating the trainees.

HIPA has also developed an online registration platform for trainees to map digital literacy of the officials, who are handling the online services notified by the Department of Administration Reforms.

Other than this, an e-Newsletter named ‘Fairlawn Updates’ and the new issue of HIPA Journal were also released along with the compendium on RTI Act, 2005, and H.P. Public Services Guarantee Act – an initiative taken by the Department of Administration Reforms.

The digital services are expected to help departments to reduce footfall and deliver better services with transparency.

The Chief Minister, who was present on the occasion, appreciated the initiatives and also released the report on District Governance Indices, Department of Administrative Reforms.

jairam thakur releases hp district index

The report on H.P. District Governance Index 2017 has examined ten broad themes of governance, 26 focus subjects, and 82 specific variables to arrive at the findings, informed the Secretary, Administrative Reforms, Dr Purnima Chauhan.  

It will help in assessing the quality of governance in the districts through examination of the available data in about 50 aspects of governance and will be aggregated into a single scoring and ranking instrument, she further added.

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Misc News/Press Release

Himachal needs ropeways, sky buses, monorails as State has insufficient land: Govind Singh



monorail in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla: Transport Minister Govind Singh Thakur today participated in the meeting of Group of Ministers (Transport) held in Guwahati.

He presented the case of Himachal Pradesh on issues like taking preventive measures to check road accidents in hilly states, road safety, unification of taxes, provision of national permits for buses and uniformity in vehicle registration and driving license.

He said that despite tough topographical conditions, the state has been improving citizen services by use of modern technologies and special steps are being taken to minimize the road accidents.

 He said that considering the special conditions and insufficiency of land, there is need to develop alternative modes of transport like ropeways, sky buses etc. in Himachal.

 A Sub-Group was constituted under the chairmanship of Transport Minister of Assam Chander Mohan Patwari.

The Sub-Group would give its recommendations to the Group of Ministers in a stipulated time, which is not mentioned.

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Kangra: Miraculous escape for a family of 4 including 2 children



Weird accident in Himachal PRadesh

Kangra: A storm yesterday hit some parts of Himachal Pradesh. However, in Kangra district’s Jwali constituency, it led to a horrid encounter which could have given a family of four including two children a gruesome death.

A couple with their two children was travelling in their Santro car when strong winds felled a Eucalyptus tree on the Jwali-Jasur road and fell on the moving car. As the car was in motion, the tree broke through the windshield to pierce through the car.  

car accident in Kangra

Pic: Punjab Kesari

The bewildering picture above describes the intensity of the impact.

However, in what can be said a miraculous event, only the husband, who was driving the car, sustained non-lethal injuries on the head while his wife and children were completely safe.

The injured was relieved from the Civil Hospital, Jwali, after receiving minor treatment.

The picture makes everyone wonder how it happened, and how all passengers survived it.

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