Shimla MC workers set fire to garbage piles, fills entire STPI premise and offices with smoke

The video shows Shimla Municipal workers cleaning the premises of STPI (Software & Technology Parks of India) Building at SDA Complex Kasumpti, Shimla. Isn’t it prohibited and ecologically harmful practice?

SHIMLA- On Saturday morning, entire STPI premise was choking in smoke arising from Swachh Shimla Campaign of Shimla Municipal Corporation. The smoked entered offices in the building and caused inconvenience to people working inside them. The smell of burning plastic and similar objects caused headache to many.
MC is supposed to collect the garbage and transport it to waste treatment facility, and not burn it openly.

But in Shimla, MC workers simply set the entire area on fire to get rid of the garbage that littered by the IT offices that the building hosts. The garbage keeps piling on for months, sometimes for over a year.

Ultimately, MC comes out with a solution that is prohibited by NGT. Biomass and garbage burning is one of the main causes of alarming rise in air pollution. However, Shimla Municipal Corporation is letting (allegedly directing) its sanitation workers and sweepers to collect and burn the garbage daily, which is visible throughout Shimla.

This must be reported to NGT for appropriate action.

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