Open letter from HP University student

An Open Letter from HPU Er. Graduate to Shehla Rashid, VP,JNU Students Union

Dear Shehla

You gave a wonderful speech, and coming from a person who occupies a key post in JNU Student Union makes it even more powerful. I could not stop identifying with you when you raised issue related to beef, castes, Brahmanism among others. I congratulate you people for starting a debate on what constitutes nationalism which I consider to be beneficial as more and more people would become aware of these things.

I decided to write this letter to you because I believe in communication, engagement over the issues. What I am writing is though my words, but it represents large cross section of students who feel their voices should be heard, who don’t enjoy as much attention as you do in JNU.

I find myself in a big dilemma like crores of other people who find themselves aligned with your struggle and suddenly the other day with the government stand as the new ‘videos’ keep emerging, I don’t believe in taking sides on issues merely because it fits my political ideology.

I support some your arguments on failure of the Govt. on many fronts, undoubtedly it is not the ‘Achhe din’ we were looking for, but does that make them anti-students? I doubt that.
I am not RSS supporter, but I am labelled ‘sanghi’ by your supporters when I don’t agree with them on their viewpoint ,I feel hurt not because you people say so, I feel hurt because it comes from the same ones who cry of being labelled anti-nationals because of their ideologies not in line with these so called ‘sanghi’.

Shehla, the problems with an ideology is once you embrace it, you make every effort to make people believe in your idea. Have we shun the communist party having known the fact that communist party’s armed struggle stopped only after Nehru Ji request to Stalin as pointed out by Lennart Bendfeldt in his research paper on Maoism in India?

You claim to have the only larger picture of this conspiracy, really? What you have to say about basic tenets of communists in India, what ideology they believes in for bringing the change in Indian society, where do they draw motivations from? Do we forget that you belong to AISA which is the student wing of CPI (marxist-leninist) who believes in maoist ideology, but does that mean I should not support you since I don’t subscribe to Communism idea?
The point that I want to make is Bhartiya of Bhartiya Janta Party doesn’t make them more Indian in the same way as Nationalist of NCP does not make them any nationalists.

I support your arguments when you say you don’t need a certificate from RSS, BJP. That is true, because what nationalism is, no universally accepted definition exists.

I have always been opposed to the idea of cadre based system of party because you then blindly support almost everything your party says, regardless of seeing it yourself its genuineness for the masses, as it happened during INDO-US civil nuclear deal, and recently with Land acquisition bill.

Shehla, I support you when you raises voice against Dalit oppression, we support you when you raises voice against Rohit Vemula suicide because my support to you is on the issues you raises irrespective of what your political inclination is.

Kanhaiya kumar belongs to my home state, so does Gaurav Jha of ABVP. We all have been educated in the same educational system and I refuse to believe that JNU is anti national. But again, this is what I believe. But what I observe is that Kanhaiya’s arrest was certainly a miscalculated step by police but the way JNU Student union is portraying his arrest to garner support for those who were involved in Anti India slogans should not be welcomed as it will further vitiate the atmosphere.

I know you have complaints about news channels, but don’t you see, it is this very medium that is gaining you supports. Almost Every national newspaper has full pages dedicated to your protests, opinions from intelligentsia in your support.

I could never understand the LEFT and RIGHT kind of politics, took help of internet also, but could not help myself. Please don’t make it a fight between Left and Right wings, because right is not completely right and left is not completely wrong. To support the government commitment to act against those who raised slogans does not amount to supporting the RSS, the same way as supporting you in Dalit causes, does not mean supporting Communists which are against the freedom of expression and democratic way of life in China and Russia .

Shehla, I am sure JNU will continue to remain the India’s pride as it has always been, giving us the best bureaucrats, politicians, economists and above all good and well informed citizens which are definitely the national assets.

I really don’t know how to conclude this letter, this letter of mine can be seen as coming from the students who really finds them utterly disturbed seeing these kinds of things happen in country when unemployment, terrorism, communal-ism, lack of Infrastructure, economy, agrarian issues are haunting the nation, and the allegations and counter-allegations may serve the personal purposes but certainly not the nation.

From Kumar Kundan

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