The Shimla Mall vs Litterbug

An HW Community Member recorded this video on the Shimla Mall near Scandal Point- most popular place in the capital city. It clearly talk about our attitude and tolerance toward littering – a major issue that Shimla is facing right now.

The Mall Shimla is visited by thousands of tourists daily. Mall is considered the cleanest public place in the city. It is the only place about which Shimla MC cares and, perhaps, one of few special places to have dustbins. We aren’t sure about the litterbug. It could be anyone who either abandoned the bottle or just threw it away. But we do observe that people saw a bottle spoiling image of our city because someone didn’t care to put it into a dustbin, but not all of them were interested to correct it. We can kick it, but we find it very awkward to pick it up and dispose it off into a bin.

Awaken one’s are rare but they are present among us, like the man toward the end of the video clip. Are you awake enough to understand that this city is ours and we should make sure nobody spoils its beauty and serenity? Is rebuking and putting all blame on government all that we can do?

Wake up! It’s time we correct ourselves first and others around us. Don’t worry about the government. Our government is just a reflection of our society. After all, we elect it.

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