Himachal’s VIP Violators

Are Himachal’s VIPs immune to ‘No Parking’ rules?

SHIMLA- While Shimla Traffic Police is slapping challans to private vehicles for ideal parking in Shimla city, so called “VIPs”, as usual, do not even care about “No Parking Zones” with large signboards. Nowadays, people regularly complain that even in case of emergencies private vehicles are not allowed inside IGMC premises or around it, but these rules are suspended for VIP vehicles.

An HW reader sent us a picture showing a VIP car (HP-07D-0275) with red beacon parked exactly in front “no parking sign” at IGMC Shimla entrance. When any policemen try to remind drivers of these “VIPs” about rules, they usually face suspension and humiliation, so it would not justified blaming traffic policemen on duty. A couple of months ago, two policemen were immediately suspended when they dared to remind the driver of a minister about orders of honorable high court of Himachal Pradesh prohibiting car parking on sealed roads in core areas of Shimla city. Not even high court came to the rescue of these unfortunate policemen when a contempt of court orders should have been slapped on the culprit. It was a pity to see judicial system yield in front of politicians.

Such acts that make mockery of rules and regulations go a long way in encouraging common people for do the same. Public representatives and high-rank officials are suppose to set example for people instead of behaving like typical Bollywood villains. These VIPs are failing Indian constitution and laws, which is no way healthy for a democratic state. Such VIP culture is not acceptable at all and these VIPs do not deserve public vote in next elections. Leaders must be down to earth and obedient toward laws that are equal for all.

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