Shimla MC

Poor waste management turns Sangti locality in Sanjauli into dumpyard, no action on complaints

SHIMLA- Himachal Watcher(HW) has been taking up the issue of poor garbage management and increasing littering in Shimla. We have been writing to the Shimla Municipal Corporation and the State Pollution Control Board regarding routine burning of garbage in open by its sweepers. Now, a resident of Sangti,Sanjuali in Shimla wrote to HW regarding poor garbage management and increasing pile of dump in his locality.

The complainant said,

This is the state of cleanliness campaign in Shimla. During the initial days of the campaign, I made calls to SMC) and brought the issue of poor garbage management in my locality to its attention. For next two to three days, I received calls from different authorities associated with the cleanliness campaign who inquired about the issue and assured it will be resolved soon. But no action was ever taken in reality.

Littering in Shimla

The dump is not moved even an inch and it is littered throughout the runnel visible in the pictures. When it rains, all the garbage flows over roads to the bigger runnel, and to eventually end up in rivers in plains. So, it is completely wrong to claim hill stations cleaner than the cities in plains. Shimla city is following the footsteps of bigger cities in terms of garbage management.


Both people living in this locality and the administration are aware of the scene, but nobody cares. The government is interested only in ruling instead of service the state and its people. Citizens share equal responsibility creating such a filth. Rather, people are more responsible for throwing garbage out of their homes in open.

Shimla City Garbage

Littering or inappropriate disposal of garbage is prohibited and culprits can be penalized for defying the orders, but people still practice it when no one is watching them. Instead of segregating, transportation to garbage treatment plant (which Shimla City does not have) for proper disposal, SMC sweeper sweep garbage to runnels.

That implies the backyard of the city will always remain dumpyard. The government spends millions of rupees on beautification of the Mall Road, click pictures, and claims that the city is clean.

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