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Dharamsala Slum Demolition: Apathetic Mayor & civic body take U-turn on rehabilitation, leave dwellers homeless




“We have been living here for generations. Now that Dharamshala has been included in smart city project our poor homes have suddenly become an eyesore in the town and are being shunted out in the name of development.”

While serving notices and eventually run earthmovers on the slum, the statement given by Mayor of Dharamsala city, Rajani, emphasized that the civic body was committed for the welfare of the community,

We have assured them all the facilities at the place where they want to shift. They have been asked to shift to Sarah, Gamru or Passu villages. We are ready to provide them toilet facilities in these villages. Some of the slum dwellers have already shifted to alternative places,

had said the Mayor.

However, after demolition, the civic body and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor backtracked. They left about 800 dwellers of the 30-years-old slum at Charan Khad in Dharamshala city homeless, forced to spent five days under open sky. Even monsoon arrived early this year and didn’t spare them after MCD demolished their homes without actually making any alternative arrangement for shelter.

View Pictures/Videos: Dharamsala Slum Demolition : 300 families kicked out, left on roads in pre-monsoon rains with absolutely no rehabilitation

After the demolition, when the Mayor was asked about her assurance given to dwellers about rehabilitation, she said,

We can only suggest a place and no guarantee could be given in case they faced an opposition from the locals. We can’t also ignore the concerns of local people.

Member of Passu village panchayat, said the administration had not taken them into “confidence” before deciding to allow the slum-dwellers on their common land.

We will not allow them to settle on our land,

villagers said.  It isn’t expected from the Mayor of the city to not take the locals residing near suggested areas in confidence.

In reality, these were just lies to facilitate eviction and MCD was hoping that (after living in this slum for 30-years) these migrant laborers would just go back to their home states, Rajasthan and Maharastra.

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Credits: Video and Editing: Sumit Mahar, Himdhara Collective  

Even criminals including cold-blooded murders and rapist are given fair trial and provided shelter, food, and basic facility while in prison. However, locals welcomed MCD’s step. The city applauded the action as the slum dwellers were nothing more than disgusting people and slums are filled with anti-social elements, thieves, criminals, drug paddlers, drunkards, and of course, migrants. It won’t be wrong to say that people growing up in slums tend to develop antisocial tendencies. Majority of people showed hate and expressed disgust. People are of the view that the slum-people are actually never poor. They have TVs, refrigerators, and stuff that even lower middle class can’t afford. But people tend to forget that quality of life matters a lot and slum is the last place where anyone should expect to find it.

Locals even claim that they are feeling secure now irrespective of the fact that 800 dwellers including infants and school going children were now homeless, facing hostile response from everyone except some NGOs and kind hearted local activists. No newspaper or media asked people the real cause of formation of slums. Is it so hard to predict future of children growing up in highly unhealthy and psychologically abnormal environment. All children are born with same innocence, but their perception of the world is shaped by the society and the environment in which they are brought up. And we all know how we see  and think of ‘slum people’. We have forgot that they are creation of our ignorance and corruption in our government machinery.

Take a look at the little protest that some school could show. Resistance was met with deployment of police force at the slum.

Homeless dwellers in this case are mostly daily wagers.

Due to the fact that our belongings are lying on the road, most of us who are daily wagers have not been able to earn their living, said a group of dwellers.

According to Hindustan Times, now homeless dwellers have managed to rent small pieces of lands in nearby areas including Passu, Dhagwar, Barwala, Mohli and Badol village. The plight of the families isn’t over because it will take time to resettle, build a new slum. A critical question that must be answered by the MCD is why civic body demolished a slum if it is allowing formation of new ones in nearby places. Five or 10 years later, government would again send noticed for eviction followed by same chain of events.

We have been turned into aliens in our own country. Are we paying price of Dharmashala included in smart city project?,

asks Pinkey- the class 12 student, who led the protest by her community when their shanties were being razed and now helping them in whatever way she can. The unfortunate turn of fate is already caused Pinkey to skip her first term examination. She isn’t the only one. Other school going students from slum, who were seeing some hope to get out of the trap of poverty through education, were shown their place.

With Inputs from Hindustan Times Talking to Himachal Watcher, Mansi Ashe, an activist, told us how NGO run by the monk was bringing the change in the life of ‘slum children’.

 You can’t believe!  The children into studies don’t lack in talent. They speak fluent English and some of them even topped their class. Three of them are in reputed institutes like Symbioses, and reputed engineering colleges in Karnataka and Kerala,

said another source, a local journalist associated with English daily.

When Himachal Watcher talked to one of the activists, Mansi Ashar, she told us,

We have been living here for generations.Now that Dharamshala has been included in smart city project our poor homes have suddenly become an eyesore in the town and are being shunted out in the name of development. They are forcing us out of our home. It’s a violation of human rights as well as right to life given by the Constitution of India. The eviction drive has already affected the livelihood of our community members as they are not able to go to work. If not found for a place is resettlement many families will be driven into hunger,

said Pinky.

About places suggested by MCD, she said

However, local people are not allowing us to put up our homes there. Even some of the community members were beaten up by the locals when they went to new locations suggested by MC near Passu village. MC officials who had assured help in resettlement also took a U- turn when the villagers protested and maintained that they never suggested the slum dwellers to resettle on the location.

The Union Cabinet led by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, approved “Housing for All by 2022”  Mission and assured rehabilitation of slums by providing them subsidized homes, while the Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1956, states that eviction of slums without notice and without providing an alternate housing arrangement is illegal. But fortunate people think these dwellers are just nuisance and it is absolutely ethical to leave them homeless.

Slum rehabilitation of slum dwellers with participation of private developers using land as a resource and promotion of affordable housing for weaker section through credit linked subsidy were two essential parts of this mission.

With Inputs from Hindustan Times and The Tribune

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Madan has studied English Literature and Journalism from HP University and lives in Shimla. He is an amateur photographer and has been writing on topics ranging from environmental, socio-economic, development programs, education, eco-tourism, eco-friendly lifestyle and to green technologies for over 7 years now. He has an inclination for all things green, wonderful and loves to live in solitude. When not writing, he can be seen wandering, trying to capture world around him in his DSLR lens.

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Shimla MC allegedly makes insensitive comments over mishap caused by its carelessness




Shimla MC JE

Shimla: The change of power in Himachal Pradesh, as well as in the local bodies, has now begun to manifest itself through the attitude of government staff. Keeping with the trend, the staff of Shimla Municipal Corporation House also seems to have emboldened.

An aggrieved citizen brought to our attention his bitter confrontation with one of SMC’s Junior Engineers, who showed complete indifference to a risk that his own carelessness posed for the public safety.  

On March 8, 2018, a lady had fractured her leg after she stepped on an uncovered ‘water valve box’ or road box of the SMC. right outside the gate of Auckland House School for Boys. She was returning home after attending a parent-teachers’ meeting.

Another man, a father of two kids who attend nursery classes at same school witnessed the accident and was one of the first to come to help the woman. The fractured leg had left her groaning in pain.

It would be a mistake to consider it a trivial and isolated incident as several other spots in Shimla town pose the same threat to the public. While several road boxes are uncovered, some others are placed in a haphazard manner.

As a matter of fact, despite being a public safety concern, none of the local journalists found it worth highlighting.  

Himachal Watcher, in its previous article, had also tagged the Mayor, Kusum Sadret, to apprise her of this safety issue. 

After the lady was taken to the Indira Gandhi Medical College for treatment, the father made a complaint to the SMC on its helpline number 1916.

He requested the SMC to take up the matter immediately and cover the said box to avert further mishaps, especially with the nursery kids. Moreover, similar mishaps have been reported due to this carelessness of the Corporation, he told the SMC.

However, the SMC still not fixed it properly, rather, did a ‘Jugaad’ job (as shown in the picture below). 

Photo 1.0

Shimla MC JE

The man clicked a fresh photo on March 14 and made another phone call to the SMC to file a verbal complain about the poor job done by its field staff. The official on the other end could not give a satisfactory answer to the queries of the father.

Therefore, the SMC office further diverted him to the concerned Junior Engineer, who looks after the area. The father approached the JE phonically and expressed concern over the safety of his own children as well as several others who use this road.

The father told the JE that the field staff did not take this safety concern seriously despite the said accident and covered the road box with a damaged lid, which was still posing threat to children and pedestrians. The gap in the lid was still large enough to trap foot of a nursery kid. (See photo  1.0)

When questioned about the issue, the JE said the SMC don’t have a proper arrangement to cover it. He said it will be replaced later. The man, however, told the JE that even the temporary arrangement was made with equally irresponsible manner.

He reminded the JE that this box must be covered on priority bases as it is a matter of safety of the public, especially the school kids. The JE tried to wash his hands of saying it will be fixed later but did not give any readdressal period. He asked the JE to define an approximate deadline for the replacement.   

The father apprised the JE of the mishap with the lady, who had fractured her leg.

The JE, however, allegedly made a very rude and insensitive comment in the following words,

To logon ko bhi jameen par dekh ke chalana chahiye (People should walk with their eyes on the ground).

The complainant again asked the JE to at least provide an approximate time that the SMC would take to fix the box.

The complainant asked the JE,

Who will take the responsibility if a kid gets injured meanwhile SMC delay replacement of the damaged cover?

To the dismay of agitated father, the JE once again repeated,

Admi ki bhi jimedari hai ki wo jameen par dekh kar chale (It is the responsibility of people to keep their eyes on the ground while walking).

The father was not only offended but also stunned at the insensitivity shown by the JE towards the safety of kids and public in general. 


In a way, he told me to apply same to nursery kids. Is it a sensible thing to do to leave the kids on their own and turn a blind eye towards his own error,

the father told HW. 

It’s the height of irresponsibility. Despite being the responsibility of JE, he showed indifferent towards the safety of children and ignored his duty he is paid for. To make things more ugly, he did not hesitate to make offensive comments and insult a citizen, who had approached him with a valid complaint. 

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Woman fractures leg after stepping onto Shimla MC’s trap of negligence



Shimla: The Carelessness on the part of Shimla Municipal Corporation today led to an accident in which a woman fractured her leg. The woman was taken to the Indira Gandhi Medical College where the fractured leg received a plaster cast.

It implies that the woman’s mobility will be restricted for at least one month, affecting her entire routine. In addition, she will have to bear the pain inflicted due to the negligence of the civic body and pay the bill for treatment.  

This little gift from the SMC to the lady on the Women’s Day resulted in both physical and mental harassment. The woman can actually sue the civic body and demand compensation for her injury if she wants. 

The woman, who was identified as Anjana Janartha, told Himachal Watcher that she had come to attend a parent-teacher meeting at the Auckland House School for Boys.

After the meeting, she had barely taken a few steps when she suddenly stumbled. A few meters away from the school-gate, an uncovered water valve of Shimla MC, which was located in the middle of the road, waited for her.

The woman fell a victim to it as her step landed in the uncovered cavity around the valve, and she stumbled. The other parents present on the spot helped the woman. However, the accident twisted her leg badly.

Some of the parents, who talked to HW, complained that the cover of the valve is missing for years now. The absence of a stop tap cover turned it into a dangerous trap.

It was not an isolated incident. Last year, a woman had stumbled after stepping onto the same trap, but fortunately did not receive major injuries.

The parents said there had been occasions when children either stumbled or had narrow escapes. The children upto primary level are more vulnerable to this trap of ignorance.   

There are innumerous underground water valves in Shimla, which are lying without any cover or closure.  It is a matter of safety of the public and no compromise should be made in this regard.  

The SMC needs to take stock of such spots and cover them properly to avert any future mishaps.    

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U-turn over ‘Joothan’ book controversy, never had intention to withdraw it from HPU syllabus, says HP Govt




Joothan book in HP University sllyabus

The Chief Minister had sought a reply from the Education Department regarding the controversy, which suddenly popped-up during January 2018. 

Shimla: Today, the Himachal Pradesh Government took a U-turn over controversy pertaining to the withdrawal of a book titled ‘Joothan: A Dalit’s Life’ – a piece of Dalit literature written in the form of a autobiography by Om Prakash Valmiki – from college syllabus of HP University.

The book is being taught in the sixth semester of English subject in the colleges of the state.

Today, a spokesperson of the state government clearly rejected the controversy over this book written by a Dalit writer saying the government has neither withdrawn nor there is any proposal to take out ‘Jhoothan’ book from the education curriculum.

The novel is still a part of the syllabus and there is no proposal to withdraw it,

the government spokesperson said in a statement issued today.These parties did not verify the facts before making such accusations, said the spokesperson.  

However, this statement doesn’t look entirely fair as the Chief Minister had himself taken cognizance of a news published in a Hindi daily. 

The book is a based on the horrifying personal experience of the writer while growing up in inhuman living conditions in a Dalit basti (slum) of Uttar Pradesh in post-Independent India.  The writer has manifested his anguish against the practice of untouchability, discrimination of various sorts, and exploitation of lower caste people by those belonging to the upper caste.

The book is a compilation of experiences and social and psychological conditioning that a member of the lowest caste goes throw under extremely wretched socioeconomic conditions. It is a record of writer’s grim journey from deprived childhood to prominent social critic and writer.  The words which are at the centre of the controversy are used to appraise the reader of the fact that lower-caste people were addressed not by their names but their caste.  

To get a better idea of about the content of the book,  you can go through an acclaimed review by Namit Arora

The book was originally written in Hindi. It was in 2003 that the Joothan was translated into English by Arun Prabha Mukherjee, a professor of English at York University in Canada.

Similarly,  a column by writer Sheoraj Singh Bechain published in a Hindi daily condemned the efforts to undermine Dalit literature, which was rarely recognized.

Sheoraj is one of the most respected Dalit writers in Hindi.  He is best known for his book, “Mera Bachpan Mere Kandhon Par.”  

It was alleged the book contains words which are highly casteist in nature and the teachers find the use of these words in classroom awkward as well as inappropriate.

The allegations also speculated that the book was actually encouraging caste discrimination. Majority of the teacher community, as well as student organizations, had made it an issue demanding the withdrawal of ‘Joothan’ from syllabus or removal of several words used in it.

The government is washing its hands of the controversy by terming it an unnecessary political agenda created by rival political parties like the Communist Party of India.

However, it must be reminded that the Chief Minister had sought a reply from the Education Department regarding the controversy, which suddenly popped-up during January 2018. 

As a matter of fact, for decades now, the book had been part of the English literature syllabus of over a dozen of Indian universities including some of the Central varsities.  

If the report published in Hindi daily Amar Ujala’s January 8, 2018, to be believed, the Director of Higher Education, H.P., Dr. Amar Dev, had ordered a review of the book a couple of days after it. He had said that if needed the book would be removed from the syllabus. 

As per the report, the Vice-Chancellor of the H.P.U., Rajinder Chauhan, had ordered the formation of a committee headed by the professor Girija Sharma of the Department of English, HPU, to look into the matter and submit its report within 15 days.

The reaction of the upper caste lobby was such as if the practice of caste discrimination or untouchability exists no more in India. 

It still exists in rural Himachal and the recent incident of discrimination against children of a government school in Kullu district is a proof of it. The magisterial probe had confirmed that the incident did take place and police had filed an FIR. Three persons including the headmaster were arrested. But they were released on bail within 24 hours arrest.  Dozens of other persons were also named in the case by the police. 

The segregation of students during mid-day meals and preference to upper-caste candidates while recruiting mid-day meal workers in schools is another allegation that has surfaced again after the Kullu school incident.  


Meanwhile, the Dalit community leaders expressed agitation over the issue and threatened widespread protest in case the government decides to withdraw the book from the syllabus. 

The issue could have triggered a nationwide Dalit community protest, which makes it a highly sensitive matter.  The step would have hit the Dalit vote bank of the ruling party ahead of 2019 assembly elections. 

It is a bitter truth that the caste system is still prevalent in our society.  The exploitation by politicians through caste-based politics makes it even worse. This divide in society is deemed beneficial in politics.

Despite being educated, the inter-caste marriages are still not acceptable to the parents and society. 

Manual scavenging still exists and labourers, who are mostly Dalits, often die in septic tanks or manholes as they are made to clean them with no gas mask, safety gears or proper equipment. On February 15, 2018, three such workers had asphyxiated while cleaning a septic tank in Ponthur near Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

Similarly,  in October 2017, three workers of a company near Hero Honda Chowk in Gurgaon had died of suffocation while they were attempting to save one of their colleagues from drowning in the septic tank. Again, all safety measures were missing. 

A 2017 news report published in the US Today had highlighted how the manual scavengers become the victim of widely flouted laws.  At least 750 deaths has been reported from across India since “manual scavenging” was first banned by the Indian government in 1993.  The year 2017 had witnessed around 75 deaths during manual scavenging. 

So, it would not be correct to say that the young minds do not need to read about this evil anymore.  

In Himachal Pradesh, the atrocities on lower caste members may be missing, but the practice of untouchability still continues unabated.  

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