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Newly installed underground dustbins in Dharamsala giving up within few weeks of inauguration

DHARAMSALA– Newly installed sensor-based underground dustbins in Dharamsala Municipal area have caved in within one month of their inauguration by the Urban Development Minister, Himachal Pradesh, Sudhir Sharma, who had claimed it his pet project. The dustbins, installed in several locations at a cost of about Rs. 12 crore, were said to be equipped with sensors that send SMS to sanitary staff when they are full. Sanitation workers can regularly track which dustbin requires to be emptied. The Minister had claimed Dharamsala, which is in the list of cities to be developed as smart-city, as the first city of India to install sensor-based underground dustbins.

However, during past couple of days, locals reported cracks in some of the structures around which the dustbins are installed.

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A local shared pictures of damaged structure from Ward No. 9 alleging poor quality of work by the contractor.

Administration has installed the dustbins in haste and didn’t keep any check on the company that was given the contract for installation. The contractor did an utterly poor quality work which is why these dustbins couldn’t last even few weeks,

said a local.

Similarly, locals from Ward No. 5 of Dharamsala MC also complained that littering is still prevalent and heaps of garbage are piling up near houses, creating an ugly scene.
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Monsoon has arrived and situation would worsen with rains. Garbage heaps and rainwater will lead to possible threat of epidemic like situation,

said another local.

The MC Commissioner, Lalit Jain, told Himachal Watcher that it’s a trivial matter as only the outer concrete structures caved in these cases while the dustbins are completely fine. The contractor has been asked to fix the damaged structures and his payment will only be made once the work will be certified by credible institutes.

Meanwhile, opposition has opened attack against the Congress Government sighting this case as an apparent evidence of corruption prevalent in current government. Opposition alleged possible scam in the purchase of these dustbins and in its tender process. Clearly, the contractor has delivered poorest quality of work and the Urban Development Minister inaugurated them without any quality assessment, said BJP.

smart-dustbins in dharamsala
A local organization has also raised questions over the process of installation of these dustbins. It alleged the dustbins were installed without any proper assessment. Heaps of garbage could be spotted near these underground dustbins as people are still not using them.

However, the MC Commissioner said the civic body is receiving good response from public and installation of these underground dustbins has reduced littering. Door-to-door garbage collection is also proving fruitful in waste management. In addition, ‘Swacchta Doots’ have been employed to aware people regarding waste segregation, he told Himachal Watcher. 

Total 225 such underground dustbins featuring sensors have been planned for entire city. So far, only 50 dustbins have been installed. 

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