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‘Video wall’ near Shimla lift installed in prohibited area without permission, reveals RTI

Rs. 2.07 crores worth project initiated without the approval from Heritage Committee and Municipal Corporation of Shimla

SHIMLA- RTI activist Dev Ashish Bhattacharya has filed complaints with the Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court and DGP claiming that no approval was taken from the Heritage Advisory Committee to install two Video Walls at two different locations at the Shimla Mall area. One of the screens is installed at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, where the HP High Court has prohibited any such installation.

In a reply to an RTI plea, public information officer-cum-senior architect of Shimla municipal corporation Rajiv Sharma has stated that the architect planning branch of Shimla municipal corporation has not granted permission for the installation of LED screen near the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex or the Mall Shimla.

As per records no permission has been granted for the installation of LED screen near the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, the Mall Shimla by the Architect Planning Branch of MC Shimla,

said Rajiv Sharma

He further added,

the area falls under Heritage Area and as per records no permission has been sought from the heritage advisory committee to install LED screen.

It is an illegal act and FIRs should be registered against the officials who violated the norms. Contempt of court proceedings should also be initiated against the officials who ignored the high court orders while allowing the installation of the video wall at a prohibited area,

said the activist.

Assistant Commissioner Prashant Sirkek also maintained that no mandatory approvals were taken from the M.C. Shimla before the installation of the LED Screen on the Mall.

Bhattacharya also claimed that MC assistant commissioner Prashant Sirkek has informed that the screen near The Lift was installed by the tourism department and no prohibitory orders were passed by the high court with regard to installation of LED screen.

Activist claimed that the commissioner, infrastructure development investment programme for tourism (IDIPT), had written a letter on December 7 last year to the commissioner of Shimla municipal corporation to get an approval to install two video walls.

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