Rude Shimla Police

Shimla cops in dire need of lesson on decency and respect for human dignity

SHIMLA- All of us would agree that all policemen are not same whenever instances of ‘anti-social’ activities, misuse of uniform, or bullying etc surface media.  There are obviously good people who actually deserves police uniform and ranks. We would also agree that job of a policeman is quite hard and challenging. They serve in harsh conditions and their stress levels are higher than average citizen.  However, in case of Shimla Police, cases of indecent behavior and bullying  has become very frequent.


A citizen sent us these photographs telling his alleged experience with a Shimla traffic police cop. The complainant alleged that he spotted some government vehicles including VIP cars parked inappropriately at the Old ISBT (Shimla) exist. The vehicles were creating traffic trouble.  He approached the policeman on duty and asked, “Why these cars are parked here?”

The cop replied with utmost rudeness, “Who are you?”

After that the complainant was given usual reward for pointing out violation by VIPs and he did receive a dose of rude comments from the traffic cop. Of course, most of us are aware it is not easy for policemen to challan or ask VIP vehicles to park properly. But, there is no justification for misbehaving and not responding to a citizen trying to point out valid issues.

Which section of our constitution or police rule book allowed this policeman to not answer a citizen, who approached an on-duty cop with a very valid question? Instead the cop misbehaved with him?

Last week, a resident of Panthghati had complained that two drunk policemen on a bike bullied him and his friends standing outside his house. The policemen tried to shoo them away using unacceptable tone and language. On being asked the reason, the policemen did the same – bullying with rude words in abusive tone. Unfortunately, the complaint couldn’t record a video of it and they just got away after showing disrespect to individual dignity.

On Monday, as a protest and criticism of falling level of decency and ethical values in Shimla cops/officers, Himachal Watcher will be posting a flashback on Shimla Police’s track record during the tenure of DW Negi. We hope, it will help higher official get a timely clue of the situation before the department loses its credibility. The image of police matters a lot, but Shimla Police doesn’t seem to working to become people-friendly.


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