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One Army, Numerous Sagas – Major Sudhir Kumar Walia

SHIMLA- The army called him “RAMBO”, the man who never lost. Sudhir Kumar Walia was born in a humble family who lived in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Sagacious Sudhir was so dedicated that he first got admission into the army school and then cleared NDA in his first attempt.

After completing his training at NDA he was sent to Sri Lanka for a “Peace Operation”. And there began his journey of bravery and valour. There Sudhir was inducted into 9 Para and emerged as the “Best Commando” of the nation.

Now, Sudhir had become Major Sudhir Kumar Walia. Seeing his dedication and hard work he was sent to America for a specialized training program, where he again proved his worth. He became the first ever soldier to address the Pentagon Assembly.

Major Sudhir Kumar Wali

Photo: The Tribune

Major Sudhir was posted twice in Siachen and he also served as ADC to Ex Army Chief General Ved Prakash Malik. While he was excelling in his career “The Kargil War” began. Major Walia loved his nation so dearly that he wrote an application to General Malik saying that he wants to go to Kargil. To which General Malik agreed and sent his most fearless and valiant soldier to Kargil.

Pakistan was loosing its grip but there was still one area where they had a firm hold. And it was the Zulu Ridge area at Kargil. In the army Major Sudhir was termed as the synonym of bravery and so he was assigned the task of reacquiring this area. He gloriously completed his mission and was nominated for “Veer Chakra”.

After his success at Kargil, Major Sudhir was sent to Kupwara. One day information was received that terrorists have their base camps in the dense forests of Hafrooda. Major Walia, the brave soldier of 9 Para was again on duty and single handedly killed 9 terrorists. But, soon after this milestone the Rambo of the Indian Army was shot by a fierce bullet in his stomach. Even the deadly bullet couldn’t stop Major Walia from completing his mission. But, sadly this mission turned out to be his last.

Even death would have been very proud that day, the bravest son of the nation who had bluffed death nine times had finally gone into his final sleep. He did not die because he is and will always be alive in our memories and prayers. His sacrifice and love for the nation made him immortal.

by Tanya Mishra

Image: India Times/Unsungwarheros

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