Kotkhai Different stokes by Vivek mohan

Different Stokes

Move over J&K. There’s trouble in ‘J&K,’ and it has penetrated into peaceful, peace loving Himachal’s Jubbal & Kotkhai – the Apple rich & famous belt which has given 2 CM’s and one of them is the current 6-timer!

Thanks to the revolt post a barbaric crime, the region is now known all over for more than its apples. Apples brought in by an American missionary, Samuel Evans Stokes Jr., who converted to Hinduism (Satyananda Stokes).

The area these days is in the news for all the wrong reasons, just in time when the crunchy apples are to roll out in the market. And the reason, I strongly believe is; a generation has slogged to nurture the orchards made even more prosperous by the next but the latest generation, the new ones, are inessentials, undoing all that there is.

The process has begun of an adage – Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations. By accusing the migrant labourers the threat of exodus is imminent and alarming.

Sooner or later, the Tanakpur-Shimla bus from neighbouring Uttarakhand bordering Nepal will halt too. Like they say in the local Mahasvi dialect with atypical thumbs up gesture,”Ibbe phashi mushikalty! (Mushkil+difficulty) To translate into Hollywood term,”Houston, we’ve a problem”

By Vivek Mohan

Disclaimer: The views and facts given in the article are purely of the author, and Himachal Watcher does not necessarily share same views 


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