Watch an ‘aware consumer’ take on a Shimla liquor seller for over-charges

We don’t advocate liquor consumption. However, as its consumption and sale is legal in the State, we are bound to consider it as a consumer grievance. Liquor consumers will accept that they are made to pay more than the printed MRP by liquor sellers. Majority of public pay it silently without agitating against it. However, there are always exceptions.

On Saturday evening, a man visits a liquor shop in Shimla (BCS). As usual, the man was asked to pay Rs. 250 for a half instead of printed MRP Rs.215/-. On being asked why he was being charged Rs. 35 above MRP, the liquor shop owner replied, “Yanha 250 ki bikti hai”.

Agitated consumer switched on the mobile camera and asked the same question. On camera, the seller was speechless and denied selling liquor to the man. However, this consumer appeared to be fed-up with the illegal over-charges forced on consumers.

The government bodies responsible for checking this nuisance have no concern to this “Kala Bazaari”. They just mind their commission and allow the seller to sell liquor at raised prices. This is the reason; liquor shops all over Shimla are fearlessly extracting over-charges from consumers.

Next time, if you are asked to pay more than printed MRP, it would be a good idea to use your smartphone and challenge the seller to accept on camera satiate. Why to be part of corruption by paying over-charges?

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