Watch: Contractor runs away as public gets angry over Shimla MC’s poor quality work

SHIMLA- On Thursday, a contractor had to run away as he confronted locals in Lakkar Bazaar who were furious over the poor quality of maintenance work. Reportedly, the newly installed tiles on a pedestrian path in Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla couldn’t hold much as negligible amount of cement was used. Locals said that some people had narrow escape as they almost had skid off the loose tiles. The pedestrians had to remove the tiles and place them aside to ensure safety. The contractor is placing new tiles over the old, damaged ones without removing them, which is also questionable.

People were questioning the contractor, but he had no answer to their questions. Eventually, the contractor ran away from the spot. Himachal Watcher talked to the locals and recorded their angry remarks about corruption of the contractor.

People also complained that no official from corporation ever visits the spot to check the quality of work or material and contractors are eating up public money openly. The material should be taken for testing, demanded the locals.

Case of Summerhill Ward

Similar case was reported from Summerhill Ward where the Boileauganj to Shivmandir road is being repaired. The contractor didn’t remove the old, broken tiles and instead placed new one over them.

Administration hardly bothered about public facilities earlier. However, now the five-year tenure of the Shimla MC House is nearing its end. So ahead of next elections, the civic body has started maintenance work on Shimla’s pedestrian paths. However, people from separate places are complaining regarding poor quality material and unprofessional work by the private contractors.

The anger of public is a hint that they are fed up with corruption in the contracts allotted to private contractors, which is a very healthy sign for a democratic society.

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