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Dying monkey in Shimla’s Jakhu finally relieved from a month-long suffering

SHIMLA– On Tuesday, finally, the HP Forest Department (wildlife wing) captured the wounded monkey that was roaming in Jakhu locality of Shimla city for past one month. A resident had sent a video to Himachal Watcher showing a monkey with a thick rope tightly tied around rear portion of animal’s body. The animal had ended up in such life-threatening and painful conditions either due to some mischief or a trap, said the locals.

Locals had alleged that despite complaints from people and temple staff, the department wasn’t making any serious efforts to rescue the animal.

When asked about the matter, the DFO had told HW that the team had tried setting cages and even tranquilizer darts but didn’t succeed. However, on Tuesday, the team finally caught the animal and relieved it from deadly knot of a rope.

Watch: Forest team rescues the monkey

The team captured the animal using a cage. After a shot of tranquilizer, the team cut the rope with a blade to untie it. The rope had started to penetrate the upper layer of skin and it left a ring-shaped wound on the body. The animal could have died of infection, but fortunately it was rescued. The rescue team provided some first-aid and transported the monkey to Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Tutikandi.

The monkey is safe and is under observation. The animal will treated and when healed, it will be released into its habitat,

said one of the officials at the Centre.

Though, it took a month for the forest team to rescue the animal, the locals have still thanked the forest team for timely rescue.

Sadly, the culprit could not be traced. For such cruel act with animals, a person can booked under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1960.

Despite monkey menace people are still compassionate 

As a matter of fact, people in Shimla city are fed-up with monkey menace as the administration failed to control their population. People in some localities have begun to develop a hate for this species. Cases of snatching edibles and monkey bites are regular. But along with this hate for these notorious animals, compassion still exists in the hearts of people. This compassion has saved one life from agonizing death. It’s definitely a sign that people in Himachal are still sensitive towards living creatures.

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