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Forest staff struggles to capture one wounded monkey in Shimla’s Jakhu for over 25 days

SHIMLA– For about last 25 days, the locals and staff at the Jakhoo temple have reported regular sighting of a monkey with a rope tied around his stomach in a manner that is killing him slowly but painfully. The rope is so tight that rear part of the body appeared to split in two as it is badly squeezed. Locals suggest that this rope has inflicted wounds on the body. The monkey is heard groaning in pain. One of the locals sent us a video footage of the monkey when it came to their window for food. The monkey has been coming to this house for past several days. Sight of suffering of this animal is disturbing the family.


The family fed him, but couldn’t dare to rescue for monkeys are highly aggressive animals. The local told Himachal Watcher that despite regular complaints to the forest department, the staff is not taking the matter seriously and the condition of the monkey is deteriorating day by day.

It’s not clear how the monkey ended up in this situation. It could be result of some sort of trap or may be the monkey was tied to something. Regardless of reason, the monkey appears to be in urgent need of human help. It’s a clear case of cruelty against animals.

When a forest (wildlife wing) official was asked regarding the matter, he said the team has been trying to catch the monkey using cages, luring it with food items, and has even fired tranquilizer darts. The monkey runs away every time it sees the team or the cages. Sometimes, it’s not possible to locate the monkey on high trees, said the official.

We had received a complaint from Jakhu Temple staff about 20 days ago regarding rescue of the monkey. Since then, we have made about eight attempts to capture the monkey but didn’t get any success,

said Satish Gupta, DFO Shimla (wildlife wing).

The staff also remains occupied with other cases such as that of leopards in habitats, which makes it hard to focus on a single case. But we are continuously trying our best to rescue the monkey,

he added.

However, the local denied seeing such regular visits of the team and refuted the claims of the department about regular efforts to rescue the monkey.

It’s a matter of worry if the forest department can’t even capture one wounded monkey in 25 days or so,

said one of the locals.

As a matter of fact, the monkey is friendly enough to come near to windows of people and is accepting food from directly their hands. However, the forest officials claim they couldn’t get close enough to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart.

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