Baba Amardev- Alleged mafia-cum-priest gets VVIP treatment while CM Virbhadra shakes entire administration to please him

Amardev had come to Himachal from Rajasthan a few years ago in rags, said Kisaan Sabha, in a press conference. Now, he has three luxury SUVs and idols worth crores in the temple. Public is also questioning sources of such a massive flow of finances for construction of the temple and the idols.

SOLAN- The controversial self-claimed religious guru at the illegally raised Ramlok Temple in Solan district, Himachal Pradesh, proved influence of his high-profile links with politicians. The Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh rushed to meet him and ensured that Baba enjoys VVIP treatment despite recent case of sword attack in which he had almost opened up stomach of a 52-years-old woman following an argument over dumping of construction material generated from temple construction. Earlier, he was booked in the leopard skin recovery case, was issued notices for raising multi-million temple on land allotted to the Panchayat for building a community centre, and was found to be guilty of encroachment on Government land.

Ramlok mandi baba attacks woman in solan

Elderly woman allegedly assaulted by Amardev with sword

The Chief Minister didn’t ask well-being of the seriously injured lady and plight of the villagers, but rushed to meet Amardev. Right after the visit, entire police staff of total 18 policemen including Station House Officer was transferred. After-leopard-skin-and-encroachment-cases,-now-Himachal’s-VVIP-Baba-almost-killed-an-elderly-woman-with-sword

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However, the baba didn’t go to jail. Instead the villagers including the panchayat pradhan were arrested and booked for several cases. They were sent on police remand before court granted bail to them. As per news dailies, even the women who was attacked was booked. Villagers arrested as they had roughed up Amardev after he reportedly assaulted the elderly woman with a sword. Amardev and even the temple premises were reportedly provided additional security. As per allegations labeled by the Kisaan Sabham, Amardev has been kept in room number 633 and 634, which are reserved for the Chief Minister, the Governor, and Judges only, at the Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) & Hosptial, Shimla.

Ramlok Mandir Solan

The controversial Ramlok Temple in Rurra village in Solan district

Though, police had filed cross FIR from parties, the villagers and Amardev, 11 villagers were arrested while Baba pleaded innocence and claimed himself a Tapasvi. Near December last year, Amardev was seen threatening to behead local journalists in Solan and wear garland of their chopped heads for writing against him, about his controversies or the the alleged illegal construction of temple premises that reportedly houses idols worth more than 20 Crore.

Now, after recent controversy, the tone of Amardev went through drastic transformation. Now, he claims himself a helpless Tapasvi and elite intellectual and even cries on camera. Take a look:

Last year, the district administration had found him guilty of encroaching government land in Rurra village of Tundal Panchayat and had even issued demolition orders for some illegally raised structures. However, no one dared to execute the orders even after one year of the notice. In leopard skin recovery case, the CID has received report from the Wild Life Laboratory, Dehradun, but the department is reluctant in taking further action.

An English daily writes,

While the officials were hesitant to initiate action after the entire staff of the Kandaghat police station had been transferred, the officials of the Forest Department were also treading with caution in the case where four leopard hides were seized from his temple last year.

The reason is apparent considering his high-profile links. Available pictures show his devotees that include the Chief Minister, former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, MLAs, Cabinet Ministers, bureaucrats etc.

Rurra Panchayat in Kandaghat had been pleading the government and the police department to get rid the area of Amardev after controversies and his repeated bullying, anti-social behavior. Now people have also alleged that the priest conduct all sort of illegal trades through the temple and is a mafia in reality. Amardev had come to Himachal from outside State a few years ago in rags, said Kisaan Sabha, in a press conference. Now, he has three luxury SUVs and idols worth crores in the temple. Public is also questioning sources of such a massive flow of finances for construction of the temple and the idols.

Sadly, the Chief Minister has forgot his people and is concerned about an alleged criminal. The popularity of Amardev among ministers and politicians suggests some hidden interests. The allegations of about patronage of current government to mafia seem to have matter. It’s disheartening to see elected government taking side of one man, ignoring his controversial history, and neglecting interests of entire panchayat.

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