Kalka-Shimla NH

Landslide on NH disconnects Shimla and Chandigarh, traffic, trains, daily supply hit

Shimla – The continuous monsoon rains have derailed the routine life in several parts of Himachal Pradesh. For past one week, regular landslides were reported along with cloud burst at some places.

On Saturday, a landslide on the Kalka- Shimla National Highway near Jabli brought the movement of vehicles and trains to a halt. A long traffic jam of over 20-kilometers is causing huge inconvenience to the public. The debris blocked the railway track as well.

People were stuck in jam on both sides for about six to eight hours.

Daily newspapers and other supplies like milk and bread couldn’t reach Shimla affecting the routine life of people.

As per the district administration of Solan, the landslides was first triggered by continues rains at about 3 AM.

Since then, the rocks and debris continue to roll down on the road and railway track, it said.

Similarly, a landslide on Manali- Chandigarh National Highway blocked the traffic for over two hours before being restored.

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