shimla liquor shop near girls school

Locality asks Shimla MC Commissioner to close newly opened liquor shop near girls’ school

Shimla– Locals in a locality of Shimla city are enraged over the opening of a liquor shop near two schools and a crèche.

Locals are questioning how the dealer obtained a permission to open this liquor shop in a residential area that was very close to the Government Senior Secondary School Portmore (Girls) and St. Edwards School (Boys).

One of the residents wrote to Himachal Watcher alleging that a dental clinic was to be opened in the shop. But to the surprise of locals, a wine shop was set here.

For last three days, we were hearing the news that a dental clinic was being to setup here. But today we found a liquor shop very near to the schools and the main bus stop

, said a local.

I have contacted the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and local media to take up the issue, but none of them appeared,

he further added.

When HW asked regarding the permission given to the liquor shop, the Excise Department official said he wasn’t exactly aware of this very shop. Surprisingly, the official said it will take 2-3 days to confirm the legal status of permissions.

liquor shop at himland bus stop

School children passing by the newly opened liquor shop in Himland

On August 10, 2017, locals filed a written complaint to the Commissioner of Shimla Municipal Corporation. The locals warned the DC of facing the wrath of locals if the shop wasn’t closed.

In their complaint, locals alleged that the dealer did not obtain any permission from the  Ward councilor or the people before opening the shop.  Locals asked the SMC Commissioner to close the liquor shop as it is located very near to a girls school and right behind busy ‘Himland bus stop’. More than 1600 girls use the path and the bus stop daily, they said.

St. Edward is even visible from the spot and hundreds of its students use the bus stop.

A crèche is located on one of the floors of the building that houses this liquor shop, locals said in the complaint. Small children often play in the space outside the liquor shop.

The complaint further said that a liquor shop that was located right behind the Himland hotel was closed due to the same reason.

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