Himachal CM’s Son Vikramaditya to contest polls

Himachal CM to field son Vikramaditya from Shimla (rural) constituency

Shimla: The Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh made a formal announcement to field his son Vikramaditya Singh, 28, who is currently the President of Youth Congress, from the Shimla rural constituency in the upcoming HP Vidhan Sabha polls. The CM was addressing the Congress Manha Sammelan of Shimla (rural) constituency held at Peterhoff, Shimla on September 26

Still, the Virbhadra Singh maintained that he is yet to speak to the high command regarding it. The final decision about the seat will be taken by the high-command, he said.

If the father and son both contest the upcoming elections, then it would go against Vikramaditya’s declaration that only one candidate of a family will be given a ticket. Congress leaders had questioned how Vikramaditya could make such a declaration without taking approval from the high-command.

After leaving the safest seat for his son, Virbhadra Singh said Vikramaditya had received several options to fight the elections from other constituencies.

Regarding the constituency from which Virbhadra would be contesting the polls, he said there is no dearth of options for him. Several candidates are offering their own seats from their respective constituencies, he said.

Remember, the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) had already been challenging Virbahdra to fight and win elections from constituency other than Shimla (rural). 

The CM said his son has become a mature and skilled politician. He possesses the zeal, vision, and capability to lead the people because he is well aware of issues that people face in the rural constituency, he said. He said young people should be given a chance. However, the appeal contained more emotional content than objective facts.

Virbhadra claimed that the Shimla (rural) constituency has witnessed unprecedented development under his leadership. He said his son is capable of doing the same.

However, other than being the son of the Chief Minister, Vikramaditya has not reported any admirable achievement in the field of politics. His name is limited to the rural constituency, which makes it a safer seat for him.

Though the Chief Minister keep rubbishing reports of infighting, there have been occasions when senior Congress MLAs and leaders were annoyed with the tone of Vikramaditya like in the report card issue. Moreover, he is yet to contest his first election but already shares his name in the money laundering case.

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