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Himachal Resumes Fish Export to Neighboring States, Govt Expects 3000 Metric Tonnes Production by Sept 2020  



Himachal pradesh fish export 2020

Shimla-Export of fisheries from Himachal Pradesh’s reservoirs to neighbouring states/UTs of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi has been resumed, informed the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister, Virender Kanwar on June 16, 2020.

After the opening of the lockdown, he informed, a total of 600 Metric Tonnes of fish worth Rs. 683 Lakh has been produced from various fisheries resources up to May 2020.  This produce was exported to neighbouring states/UTs and also have been sold in markets within the State.

A total of 17549 kg fish were sold in various retail outlets in the state after April 2020. The state has exported around 743.25 Metric Tonnes of fish worth Rs. 1857.73 lakh during the year 2019-2020, he added.

He informed that the Government plans to promote export of Exotic Carps, IMC, Singhara and Trout etc. due to high demand and remunerative prices. Fish cultivation will be promoted through self-help groups, fish cooperative societies, Private entrepreneurs in the coming years, he informed.

Himachal Pradesh has registered fish production of around 14020.14 Metric Tonnes during the year  2019-20. By September 2020, the anticipated fish production in the state is likely to be recorded around  3000 Metric Tonnes.

The department has created a Whatsapp group to seek suggestions, demands, grievances etc of the fishermen.

Fisheries export-hub will be created in the state reservoirs and trout areas where export varieties of fishes like Singhara, carps and Rainbow Trout will be promoted. Modern technology will be adopted in improving fisheries sector, he claimed.

During the lockdown, the Government provided 76,650 fish seeds to the private fish farmers and 77,245 fish seeds were stocked in fish cages at Bhakra Dam, Bilaspur after April 20, 2020, he claimed.

About 5,900 kg trout feed was provided to various trout farms in different parts of the state and 3,239 kg trout feed was also provided to private trout farmers. After 20 April 2020 total 17549 kg fish were sold in various retail outlets in the state, the Minister claimed.

The Minister said that the Department of Fisheries has released a Rs. 1.07 crore relief package to 5350 state reservoir fishermen for compensating the losses accrued due to COVID-19 Virus outbreak in the state. Each fisherman was given financial assistance of Rs. 2000 for a period of an almost one-month halt in fishing activities, the Minister claimed.



Misc News/Press Release

Himachal Reports 87 COVID-19 Deaths in 11 Days With a Steep Rise in Cases



COVID-19 deaths in Himachal pradesh on november 10

Shimla-With nine more COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, the tally for Himachal Pradesh has jumped to 399. The state is witnessing a surge in November as 87 deaths were reported during the last 11 days. Yesterday’s fatalities included seven males and two females aged between 45 to 87 years. Find the reasons for these fatalities below:

himachal pradesh -Update on covid-19 deaths

Further, according to the state Health Department’s official statistics, 610 new cases of COVID-19 were detected yesterday, of which Shimla reported highest (118) cases, followed by Mandi (116).

In Mandi district, as many as 26 more teachers and some students reportedly tested positive yesterday. The infected also included two doctors of Tanda Medical College, Kangra, and a couple of policemen in Sakoh.

Operation theatre at the Kamala Nehru Hospital, Shimla, was reportedly closed for a week. Similarly, the women police station in Shimla was also closed following the detection of a case.

Further, the state High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of a news report published in an English daily and issued a notice to the government. The news pertained to Indira Gandhi Medical College, which ran out of space for COVID-19 patients in isolation wards.

As per official data, the total for COVID-19 in the state had reached 27418 till yesterday evening (9 pm), of which 5605 were active cases. Mandi district has reported highest 4194 cases, followed by Solan (3958), Shimla (3725), and Kangra (3635).

The state government is barely speaking on the alarming rise in fatalities and its strategy to control it. But Chief Minister, while addressing a public meeting at Sihunta under Bhatiyat Assembly Constituency yesterday, did hail the Prime Minister and claimed that the nation is out of COVID-19 crisis.

“He (PM) has successfully brought the Nation out of Covid-19 crisis,”

Chief Minister said.

HP Health Department COVID-19 Bulletin for November 11, 2020 (9 pm)



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Himachal Reports 12 COVID-19 Deaths in Single Day, Surge in Cases in Shimla



Himachal Pradesh COVID-19 deaths till diwali

Shimla-COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in Himachal Pradesh as a record 12 fatalities were reported on Tuesday. Of the 611 new positive cases yesterday, Shimla reported highest 148 with seven fatalities. The deceased included 11 males and a female aged between 47 to 92 years.  During the last three days, the state has reported 25 fatalities. Find the details regarding the causes of deaths below:

Himachal Pradesh Record COVID-19 deaths

The state government had yesterday decided to close all educational institutes in Himachal for 15 days after over a hundred teachers and students tested positive in schools. The government termed it as a special vocation for students, teachers, and non-teaching staff of all educational institutes.

The capital has witnessed a surge as over 750 cases were reported during the last six days. In the season of festivity and marriages, social distancing and other guidelines issued by the MHA for personal protection are being flaunted, which is only fueling the spread. 

On top of it, the COVID-19 Hospitals in the state have begun to run out of beds for patients in isolation wards. The largest medical facility in the state – Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital- was packed to its full capacity, which was only 85 beds. Dr Rajneesh Pathania, Principal of IGMC, confirmed the report. According to media reports, DDU hospital, Shimla, had also run out of space. The government is yet to prepare the make-shift hospitals it had announced a couple of months ago. 

So far, according to the official statistics, the state had reported a total of 26808 cases till yesterday evening (9 pm), and the official COVID-19 death tally had mounted to 390.

HP Health Department COVID-19 Bulletin for November 9, 2020 (9 pm)

Update Himachal Pradesh COVID-19 for november 10, 2020

Featured Image: [email protected]


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Amid Alarming Surge in COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, Hospitals Including IGMC Running Out of Space



covid-19 in himachal pradesh igmc beds full

Shimla– Amid the festive season, Himachal Pradesh is witnessing an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases and fatalities. As a matter of huge concern, the Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Shimla, has run out of beds in isolation facility and can’t accommodate more patient, unless someone is discharged or dies. There was space for only 85 patients at the hospital, which is full presently.

The DDU hospital, too, is running out of capacity with a surge in cases. Further, make-shift hospitals announced by the state government haven’t seen light of day. IGMC is the largest medical facility of the state and COVID-19 patients in critical condition were referred here.  

The situation could worsen due to the ongoing festive and wedding season. Markets are crowded and people are hardly following social distancing norms in marriages.

Further, yesterday seven people including a 16-year-old girl lost their lives. The decision to open schools seems to be backfiring as hundreds of teachers and several students were found positive for COVID-19 during the past few days. There are speculations that the state government could decide on closing schools for some time in the Cabinet meeting to be held today.

Details regarding the causes of fatalities below:

Himachal Pradesh COVID-19 deaths in november 2020 f

On Monday, five doctors and nine staff nurses at the Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Government Medical College and Hospital, Nerchowk in Mandi district, tested positive.

Yesterday, the state reported a record 711 confirmed cases with seven fatalities in a single day. Shimla district reported the highest 204 confirmed cases.

The COVID-19 death tally has now mounted to 378, while the total number of cases had reached 26197 till yesterday evening (till 9 pm).

HP Health Department COVID-19 Bulletin for November 9, 2020 (9 pm)


Himachal Pradesh covid-19 cases on november 10

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