Govt department wakes up, starts placing safety nets at Shimla bypass road

HPPWD wakes up, start placing safety nets at Shimla bypass road


Today, one of the HW’s readers posted a couple of images in #UrNews showing the work in progress for placing safety railings on Tutikandi bypass road in Shimla. Recently, an IPS officer died in an accident where his Tata Nano car rolled down the hill because there were no parapets or safety railings at the sharp curve. HW has posted an article and the photos of the accident in a previous article.

IPS Chandrashekhar Car Accident Photos : Click Here

There have been other similar accidents where the loss of life could have been averted if HPPWD had executed their duty by providing sufficient road safety measures. It appears that the HPPWD woke up only after an officer’s life was lost, while they sat silent when common people fell in gorges from unprotected, risky spots.


Let’s see how long HPPWD continuous the work and how much length it cover. The government departments have got a nasty habit of showing lollypops when there is a pressure from the public or media, but they leave the task unfinished as soon as the attention is withdrawn. However, HW will not withdraw its attention until all the high risk spots are provided appropriate protection.

Let’s see how long Govt. continuous the work and how much length it covers.

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