Shimla city garbage

Are you a part of this disgust?

SHIMLA- Littering attracts monkeys, stray dogs and cattle to Shimla city. Open garbage dumpers are no good, so MC kindly tried these caged spaces to prevent these animals reaching and scattering collected garbage. It can be bolted from outside after disposing the garbage. But the people don’t even bother to close the doors like this one near Boileauganj. Neither the Shimla MC or NGOs, or any Govt. can change this scenario until the people don’t understand their duties and co-operate. We are being disgusting creatures littering our own society where we live. Shimla is getting uglier with every passing year as the city is expanding and getting more populated. Don’t be the one who is contributing to its ugliness. I am happy that I am not a part of this disgust. Are you a part of this disgust? Think about it.

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