Are you one of those special guys who keep honking in long traffic jams

SHIMLA- It’s not something very unusual, but this guy in a SUV (Renault Duster – HP-37-D- 0566) do deserves some attention. Near Khalini, a car started honking its horn right behind my bike. I was following a long line of vehicles, which were moving at a very slow pace. A friend accompanied me on my bike. Everyone did the same and kept going, but this guy continuously honked until I was irritated and gave him a pass even when I knew there was no chance that a SUV could over-take such a long traffic when a biker isn’t daring it. Now, my bike was right behind the SUV. This guy kept honking and kept making failed attempts to overtake the very next vehicle – a local bus. Some vehicles coming from opposite direction had narrow escape as this guy was pushing onto the wrong side. He didn’t get a pass until the bus took a halt at Vikasnagar bus stop. As a compliment, my friend clicked some pictures of the car.

Literally, I was laughing on this guy. He had no clue about common sense and inconvenience he was causing to others. He is one of those guys who’ll keep honking amidst long traffic jam while others have turn off their engines. I don’t want to be anything like this guy, never.

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