Artistic HPPWD’s see through parapets in Shimla City

SHIMLA-Today, I noticed a couple of parapets near Shimla bypass crossing. I could literally see through the loosely attached stones. I could demolish it with a little kick. No way could it hold blow of even a small car. It was a complete formality. They stood like they mean to represent HPPWD’s corruption and blindness towards the lives of people, increasing roadside accidents, and pedestrian safety.

Then, I realized, it’s not a few parapets. We have such see though parapets all over Shimla. It’s just we never notice them. Either the roadside measures are completely missing on some road of Shimla city; while at others they were partially missing. The existing ones are in poor condition. Even the new ones could not long more than 5-6 months because of poor quality material and work. These guys at HPPWD are real murders without any sense of guilt for not doing what they are paid for – to ensure public facilities and public safety.

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