Best Toilet In ICDEOL Shimla

Today, I saw ICDEOL best toilet in icdeol building, when I entered inside the bathroom there is one thing which attract my eyes towards them there was a bathroom door and on that door there was a description it is Ander jana mana, seat band hai,iska repair hai this last word was not clear you can read this description in this photo, I am bit mischievous these wording push my mind to open this door when I opened the door what I saw there,lots of Garbage inside this room some construction material was also there, we paid fee to this icdeol not for this kind of service. It was such unhygienic for me to see all these things in toilet, icdeol provides maximum international distance courses to students may be hygienic and cleanliness is also the course which probvie bt the icdeol or may be similar course which techs to students about the cleaniess but dear icdeol Iam not the student of the icdeol but I want to teach you one lesson because Bachho se bhe seekha jata hai, Toilet should be neat and clean and hygienic too. I don’t know whose goona teach icdeol staff.

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