Busy ‘Shoghi-Shimla Road’ badly damaged and eroding in monsoon, posing threat to lives

SHOGHI – I would like to bring to your kind notice the miserable condition of roads, Shoghi-Shimla Road. The roads in this area have been badly eroded and the showers of heavy monsoon have made the conditions even more worst. This broken road has imposed a higher degree of danger for vehicles especially at night. If not controlled timely, this road can be a reason of heavy traffic as this road serves a huge network between many places. Not only this, as we know that this is the peak season for tourism, and hence the bad road conditions can leave a negative impression of our “Dev Bhumi”. Therefore, it is a humble request to the concerned government department on behalf of our native population, to take this matter with utmost priority and oblige us with your immediate actions.

Amita Siya Sood

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