Education is a big challenge for poor children in Himachal

SHIMLA- Dressed in their typical HP Govt. school dress, these two boys can be seen pushing their cart about a kilometer to Vikasnagar before they go to school every morning. Mostly, parents prefer private school even if its to heavy on their pockets. People have no trust in Govt. schools at all. However, those who end up in Govt. school clearly don’t have any option. After the school is off, they’ll be back to drag the cart back home. When do they get time to play? Then there are elite section of society in which school kids don’t carry their own bags, the maid or parents accompany them to school bus or private cabs. The survey conducted by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan confirmed that the number of enrollment have dropped drastically in Govt. school while that for private schools have gone up. Even the Govt. school teachers don’t want their children to receive education in Govt schools. All of it because Govt. schools are completely neglected by our Govt. There is no such thing as equal opportunity or right to education to all. Instead, it’s more about money.

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