HP food safety department fails to check toxic vaccine in milk, fruits, vegetables

SHIMLA-The Himachal Pradesh High Court said that the state food safety department is unconcerned about its duties. In three years’ time, the department collected only 117 samples, and analysed just 65 of them.The court stated that despite several complaints of the rampant use of vaccines such as oxytocin in milk, fruit and vegetables, the food safety department was lacking in its approach to deal with the situation. It also observed that the lab to check the presence of such vaccines was ill-equipped.

The half-life of oxytocin varies between three and 12 minutes, its continued presence in milk, vegetables and fruit is unlikely. Himachal Pradesh’s health safety and regulations director filed a response in the state High Court to the comments of the Amicus Curiae on the issue of the large-scale use of harmful oxytocin vaccine in milk, fruit and vegetables. ~

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