Khani & Gutka sale continue at triple price (Shimla)

Gutka and Khaini were banned in Himachal a couple of year ago. But, we can still see the packets of Kuber. The photo above is clicked at Shimla DC office a couple of days ago. The only difference that ban made is that now the shopkeepers are selling them on triple price. Earlier Kuber Khani used to cost Rs. 5 and now it’s Rs. 15 and sometimes Rs.20. Gutka used to cost Rs. 5, but now, in black, it sells for Rs. 5 or Rs.8. In papers, Himachal is Khaini and Gutka free. No one bothers to execute these policies and they backfire like this one. Govt. did not made any efforts to check the black marketing. What’s the use dumb idiots.

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