Lohri Festival in Strawberry hills Choota Shimla

Yesterday, was a Lohri Festival and I enjoyed a lot, whole family members and other neighbours families was together at Lohri function, we fire lohri woods as per as Hindu rituals,After that all society members distributes Gachak, Moongfali, Revari etc. we all feel happy because the very first time the whole society was together and all celebrate Lohri,we enjoy dance and there is one family who belongs from Gujrat they celebrate first time Lohri in Shimla and they feel very happy to watch lohri Rituals and himachali culture even we do garba with them, after that we eat sweets and diner with whole Society members, at the last I feel that this 2015 lohri brings a lot of happiness for me and my whole society get maximum interact.

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