Naked electricity wires over metal gate haunts school children

SHIMLA- This is Beauly Govt. school campus on APG Road in Shimla. The entry gate of the school is made of iron and a service wire passes through it. The cable is naked at one of the joints, which is very close to the gate. The joint isn’t more than 6 feet above ground and with children playing around, some day, this negligent and careless attitude on the part of the school and the one who left it naked will lead to some mishap. It’s really tough to teach Indians otherwise, so they are waiting for one.

Secondly, the School campus is unhygienic and ugly due to garbage littered around it. Clearly, the teachers don’t care about the cleanliness and that’s what they teach to children. It’s really a shame for any teachers to tolerate that. The teachers are aught to guide children and promote healthy habits, teach them moral values. Bullshit ! This is what they are teaching.

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