Overloading in buses; An evil but accepted necessity for Shimla?

SHIMLA- The pictures shows a local HRTC bus at Lakkar Baazar bus stand, overloaded right in front of a traffic policeman on duty. Everytime people die in bus accidents, transport minister and traffic police start sending press notes claiming reforms, strictness on traffic rule violators and check on unsafe practices in public and private transport. Then, why the traffic policemen don’t care about overloading?


Overloading is a very lethal practice in a hilly region like Shimla. Already, the number of deaths in bus accidents has gone higher than before and overloading is one of the reasons for it. Unfortunately, bus owners exploit it as an opportunity, people suffer because they don’t have options, and government behaves ignorantly, as usual.


In Shimla city overloading is very common. People don’t have option. Everyday they struggle to get little space in buses. It’s a daily fight. They have become used to it. No one cares. The population is growing, but HP government has no hint about the inadequacy of transportation infrastructure.

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