Shimla Drinking Water’ supply – Cocktail of gutter and sewage

Boileuganj – Shimlaties, here is your drinking water supply, right from a leaking pipe crawling through a gutter. It’s almost a decade that I have been watching this bunch of pipes leaking near Boileuganj except a couple of occasions when the leakage was fixed temporarily. I wonder how much amount of drinking water has been wasted in all these years. The leakage isn’t one-sided. During supply it leaks out water and rest of the time the gutter water leaks in. Sometimes, sewage pipes leak too into the same drain that carries domestic waste water of Boileuganj. The leakage damages the road, makes it slippery and uncomfortable to walk for pedestrians. Many other spots are visible where leaking water pipes share space with drains or gutters. Health department doesn’t mind it at all like rest of us. The environmental NGO’s are in coma, nowhere to be seen raising such critical environmental and health concerns.

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