Shimla MC – Is it the best you can do for public ?

CHOTTA SHIMLA – After numerous complaints to the Local councilor Sh. Surinder Chauhan, SDO Municipal Corporation paid a visit. After a year of his visit, this is what MC did on the name of repair work on this badly damaged road near Strawberry Hills.

The road which connects Aira Homes via Verma apartments to the lower part of the Strawberry Hills in Chotta Shimla was tarred about 4 months ago. However, this section of about 50 meters was left untouched, which indeed, was in worst condition. Though, the patch which requires immediate attention is just 6-7 meters. It’s hard for people to cross it because of the mud and water. Also, the water seeps in the road and poses a threat to the adjacent building.

Again, after more complaints to MC and Councillor regarding the matter, some MC workers along with a supervisor were sent to fix it about two weeks ago. Guess what did the workers do ; they collected some rocks from here and there and mixed them with mud which they gathered by digging along the road. Then, to my surprise, they just spread the whole mix onto the road. Now, what kind of repair work is that? The whole work was completed merely in about 2 hours.

Now, just after two weeks, this is the condition of the road, worse than before. I guess, without taking any pain on their side, Shimla MC uses just ‘Juggads’. With such poorly addressed, or mostly unaddressed public grievances, it’s not hard to imagine what best our Govt. is willing to do for us. They are eating our state like mites.

Again, speaking for the public, I will like to ask Shimla MC including the Mayor, the Deputy, and our worthless ward councilor to have a little shame and do what they are ought to do when the public is in distress.

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