Shimla siren to buzz only in emergancies!

Tourists or local residents familiar with the siren installed at historic Central Telegraph Office (CTO) buzz at 10 am during the start of office hours at Shimla everyday will now have to do without it as the government has decided that it be used only during emergency situation. According to the orders,the siren systems set up at CTO building, Mall Road, Shimla and near state secretariat will not be used to sound alerts at 10 am that is office hours from October 1, 2013. The siren system will now go silent and would only be used as alarm system for sounding warning during emergency situation such as earthquake, fire incidents, as reaction time for safe escape of people. Residents of Shimla and tourists visiting the hill state are used to the siren sound and several Government offices are in the habit of resuming work with the buzz of the siren.

People could be found even adjusting their timings in their wrist watches with buzz of siren. Moreover, instead of steady sound which is currently played now, these sirens will give the voice signal in distinctive increasing and decreasing sound levels, so that alarm sound is being perceived by all. Presiding over a preparatory meeting held here for conducting Mock Drill on disaster management at state secretariat, Chief secretary Sudripta Roy said during the mock drill, real life disaster of earthquake would be stimulated for awareness generation regarding disaster management. He said that every employee posted at the state secretariat should be aware about the activities to be carried out during the rescue operations.

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