Shimla’s private bus operators – typical goons encouraged by police and fear among people

SHIMLA- This private bus operator had parked the bus on a spot that caused long line of traffic on both sides. He was enjoying his phone call and didn’t care about the traffic jam, about the inconvenience he was causing to school going children and office going employees. For 3-4 minutes he didn’t move and when he did, still had phone stuck to his ear.


They will rarely stop buses on actual bus stop meant for them.

He didn’t stop the bus on the stoppage because he wanted to block the road for his competitors, so that he could grab more passengers and he was certainly successful in doing that. Most of the private bus operators play such cheap tricks, which mostly causes in traffic jams. They will rarely stop buses on actual bus stops meant for them. People avoid getting involved with them because then they would behave like typical goons. Soft corner of police and fear among public encourage them and they continue to create nuisance on road. Shimla doesn’t seem to be heading toward betterment in case of traffic regulation and road sense.

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