Shocking: School strips 5-year-old child as punishment

Found it on Times of India

In a shocking incident, a school teacher in Towli Chowki allegedly stripped a 5-year old student for being ‘mischievous’,. The incident came to light when another occupant of the building, which houses the Embassy High School where the incident happened, clicked a photograph of the boy. “I was horrified when I saw the child. He was feeling very embarrassed as there were other kids staring and laughing at him”, Muscati said. He added the child was locked up in a place infested with rodents.

On discreet enquiries with the school staff, it was learned that it was a common practice to strip children and also bind their hands.This is a very serious offence that could attract the provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse Act that prohibits showing children in nudity and the offenders could face imprisonment.

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