Stunning Shimla State of Art from MC? HPPWD?

Photo clicked near Indian Institute of Advance study gate in Shimla

SHIMLA- I don’t know who did it, but deserved to be highlighted as a piece of state of art from some of the HP Govt. departments, may be MC or HPPWD, not sure about it. Please, enlighten me on who is the creator of this master-plan. Look at it the concrete chamber that so diligently dissects the roadside drain into two halves, one of which is completely contained to a corner. This chamber so beautifully obstructed the drainage of water that it appears to be like a little road side lake. Thank you HP Govt. Your lack of common sense is beyond comprehension even by the great critics. There are many other invaluable pieces of amazing art are visible throughout Shimla. It’s just that we ignore them. No doubt, Shimla’s future is in very wrong hands, and that includes the people too.

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