That’s why Shimla MC with its Mayor Sahib is useless

BOILEAUGAJN- For past year, a continuous leakage in SMC water supply pipes in the middle of the Boileauganj Chowk bus stoppage in Shimla is wasting water and making the road slippery. Imagine how many litters of water has already been wasted at this very spot. Every night water leaks onto the road. Mayor sahib had shown strictness towards water leakage and had warned about penalty of 2500/- for violation. But that was a shallow show off that politician put before elections. A lot of other points are also leaking daily and Shimla’s Municipal Corporation is not repairing them. I repent I wasted my vote on you Mayor Sahib.

I demand a penalty on MC itself if rules & regulations actually hold any value for Government offices and officials. They are wasting every source Shimla has.

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