The Bulls of Blessings

Himachal Pradesh- “The Land of Gods”

It is believed Himachal is home of many Hindu Gods, which made the land spiritually rich and religiously strong. There are many carnivals and festivals celebrated since ancient time.

One of very famous ritual of rural Himachal which I witnessed was “Bull Fight”. There are many popular carnivals of bull fighting but the one which i saw through my lens was- Golcha, which is 7-8km from Shimla. These fairs starts from the month of August and is organized at different places. People come from distant place to participate.

According to the villagers one gets blessed to witness the bull fight, as they believed that taking part in this fair washes away all the sins and god will protect from bad energies. Elderly people, woman, children… they all come from nearby villages with this feeling in their head and heart.

Fights of buffaloes are very dangerous at times in which life can be lost, besides this people come in large numbers to see bulls fighting. Although the security arrangements are strict but there are always a chance of miss-happening. When buffaloes fight with each other they become very dangerous and when people try to stop them they often get injured.

In India animal rights activist are trying to stop these types of fights and rituals. But there fairs or festivals are connected with religious cause. So they have to be organized.

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