Talland Chowk

This is why HP Police should not expect people to co-operate

SHIMLA- A car broke traffic rule on a busy road near Talland. It was heading towards Khallini. The driver broke the line and pushed through the wrong lane ( In picture – The chowk is divided by a couple of barricaded placed in the middle). The traffic policemen on duty came towards the car in anger and signaled it to go back into the line. But suddenly, the anger disappeared and a friendly smile appeared in its place. The policemen gave way to the car from the wrong side. Others waiting in long traffic line felt like idiots including me. A week ago, a motorbike had done the same and was challaned immediately. The poor fellow had expressed his anger on the Shimla Police FB page. Then why this car was special? A little ahead, it again pushed into the wrong side and had almost smashed it into a car coming from opposite direction if the person on the passenger seat had not helped steering away the car. At a curve it was in drain. Clearly, driver was learner. There was no L sign. The car drove through narrow road full of pedestrians. It’s a very careless and negligent mistake to learn driving car on such busy roads, and that too, without L sign. At lower Khalini Chowk, all policemen smiled and waved. In a very friendly voice, one of the policemen threw a joke, “license hai?” Who was this celebrity that enjoyed so much liberty from traffic rules and manners? On a closer look, some figures appeared in the car – three ladies. Two of them were in police uniform including the one on driver seat. So, that’s how law and order work around here in Shimla? It wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t a sin. Here, anybody who gets an opportunity to violate traffic rules will never miss it. The moral of the story is that HP Police should not expect people to co-operate and comply with laws if they can’t do the same.

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